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Treasure Bay is a great puzzle game to play when you're bored. In addition to improving your logic skills and entertaining yourself, it helps you to spend some time in a relaxed manner. Playing this game will keep your brain awake and you will have a great satisfaction while solving more and more levels.

Treasure Bay is a fun game where you have to align 3+ boxes to open treasure chests. Train your brain and challenge yourself. Move a box in any direction (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) to align it with at least two others. A box cannot be moved above the other. Since at least three boxes are aligned, they disappear. When each box disappeared, you win. Do not hurry ! Starting with the wrong assembly can prevent you from gaining the level. If you're stuck, just tap the replay button. Play Treasure Bay to improve your logic skills.

Lubo has found a lot of treasures. Help him to solve the puzzles.

How to play?

- Move a color box in any direction to align it with two (or more) of the same color!

- Align at least three boxes in any direction: line, column or diagonal

- A box can not be moved above another

- When at least three boxes are aligned, they burst!

- Clear the puzzle to complete the level!


- Help Lubo, the cute and strange orange character, to open the treasure chests

- Go for a trip on the sea and find a lot of treasure chests!

- Earn up to 100,000 points of XP for your Google Account game

- Match colored boxes to make it explode!

- Train your brain with over 50 challenging levels! (And more to come)

- Place the box in the right place to blow up one row and one column at the same time

- No timer! Relax and have fun!

- Find the right combination!

- Easily accessible "retry" button!

- Challenging puzzles to improve your logic!

- Big treasure chests full of golden coins

- Free Ads!

- Save and restore your progress

Do you need help?

If you are stuck and you consider you have to waste a lot of time on one level. Feel free to contact us and we'll give you the solution.

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